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Zing Primer - Accelerate Brain Skill Progression -dore-

Offered by: Zing Performance. Discover an important piece of the puzzle - the root cause of your child's symptoms

My son is six years old and going through the process of diagnosis now - should I wait before starting Zing Primer?

We work with children beginning at seven years of age. Before the age of seven, the cerebellum is still rapidly maturing.

My daughter is not able to follow an exercise program - would it still work if I had to help her?

Before you start we would ensure that she is suitable and likely to benefit. Many like you have had to help perform the exercises initially - and after a while they usually report that their child gets to a point that they can do them for themselves. A trained coach supports you right on Zoom or Face-time through the program and will assist with these issues if they occur.

We have done other exercise programs with little benefit - why is this different?

The way the brain can be stimulated to create significant change to skills has only been understood in recent years, so most other programs have not yet benefited from these recent discoveries.

My son is 37 years old - is Zing Primer still likely to be effective?

Yes - the brain has plasticity right throughout our lives when you give it the correct stimuli. We have worked with adults as young as 82, with life-changing results.

Does Zing Primer work alongside other interventions?

Yes - all, unless they happen to be vestibular stimulation based - in which case you should contact us for specific instructions.