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How Does Detrimental Energy Affect Us?

Detrimental Energy exists in countless forms and comes from countless sources. It's a vast topic, and we do not generally think about its presence or its effects. We all realize some forms of energy are essential and beneficial. They help us move and think. They lift our spirits and support our wellness. But these same energies can be detrimental when their duration, frequency or power disturbs our balance and harmony, or worse. We all know sunshine is good for plants and animals. But too much damages our skin and causes cancer.​ ​And, what about our cell phones, Wi-Fi, smart-meters, microwave ovens, motors, lighting fixtures, computers and TVs, the power grid, and on and on? We are virtually surrounded and inundated with potentially harmful energy. And, how about bio-energies like anger, fear, resentment, non-forgiveness, a mean neighbor, client, customer or co-worker, health or money worries or a stressful day at home, work or school? These energies affect our Energy Body and our Physical Body in many ways. They affect our relationships, our performance and mental abilities. In fact, they affect our goals and our success, day in and day out. Some detrimental energy comes from social interactions, spoken words, jestures, and messages, or mental sources like fears and memories, or expectations. Some comes from electrical devices. Some comes from above or below us, and from far away. And all of them can have a detrimental affect on bith our Energy Body and our Physical Body. Since most illness starts with an imbalance in the energy body, a regular clearing of the detrimental energy around us is essential for wellness. Regular clearings are strong supporters for our health, wellness, happiness, prosperity and spiritual growth. The amazing thing is that now there is a way to have the detrimental energies cleared through the Clearest Benefits Program. It uses the physical realities of esoteric science, love and intention to change the non-beneficial energy into a beneficial form. This is done using the ancient art of downsing along with emerging, cutting edge technology, like psychic radionics that was understood by people like Nikola Tesla, Max Plank, Albert Abrams, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Royal Rife, and many others. ​It may surprise you, but all these detrimental energies can be turned into beneficial forms, resulting in healthier, happier people and safer places. Unfortunately, people have free will, so some desired improvements may not appear right away. But repeated clearings can make great changes over time. And, that's one more reason why the clearings are done on a daily basis, proactively and retroactively.

What is the Clearest Benefits Program?​

The Clearest Benefits Program is a subscription to regular energetic clearings and protections that deliver high value through a unique set of inter-related functions: they make homes, schools offices and work sites safer and happier places by removing and blocking all detrimental energies. This can be done daily in both proactive and retroactive perspectives. From these actions people feel better, have improved mental abilities and find that interactions at home, school, work and even shopping go better. Everyone knows that getting rid of detrimental forms of energy is essential for health and wellness. By removing and blocking the detrimental energies, the clearings support and promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellness, on a daily basis. From their alignment with free will the clearings can help with spiritual growth and the spiritual path by improving access to your personal source of guidance and higher powers. The Clearest Benefits Program does all this through the focused intentions of a master-class dowser in connection with cutting edge physics like quantum mechanics and entanglement to cross time and great distances without dilution. Much of these effects can be observed and measured by sensitive instruments and felt by sensitive people. This is well documented and a topic of much study around the world. So, it is not just hope and imagination. It is important to keep in mind that disturbing and detrimental energies are pervasive. They can come in an instant and be harmful over time. You need regular clearings and refreshed protective shields. And, if you look for anything similar elsewhere on the Internet you will find a few people offering small fragments of these services on a one-time basis, at ten to fifty times the price, and beyond! There is nothing that compares to the Clearest Benefits Program. There is nothing as comprehensive, as effective or as affordable. And there is no other source with the loving, compassionate and technically comprehensive vision of Tsunami Rose. Look at the chart below to see all the benefits available and choose a plan that meets your needs. We are sure you will have questions, so please contact us at [email protected]om when you are ready to get started.

How Does this Relate to My Wellness?​

Because Source is connected to everything everywhere and contains all energies throughout the universe, Source contains/shows the obstacles and impediments to your wellness. It also contains/shows your readiness for and your progress toward ascension, as well as your past, current and future lives. While Source readily reveals the flow of energy in our physical and etheric bodies, most of us are out of touch and unaware of this. Only a very few people are sufficiently enlightened and loving, that their Higher Self, is able to “see” our full nature and discern the histories, blockages, disruptions, and dysfunctional matters affecting us. Tsunami Rose is one of these very special people. ​ Through her joyful, loving nature and prior life experiences, Tsunami Rose has a very strong connection to Source. She is not only able to access her Higher Self, she is basically connected and aware of it all the time. She can direct positive energy through her words and intentions in a way that helps people with their health and other issues. She experiences telepathy frequently each day with people around her and often communicates across great distances through thought alone. Tsunami Rose works with the public a great deal and has literally helped tens of thousands of people. For Tsunami Rose this is a great joy, for it helps her spread love and compassion. She makes the world a better place, as we all prepare for assension.