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The Naturally Recovering Autism Two eBook Special -thomas-

Offered by: Naturally Recovering Autism. We offer you a step by step road-map for optimum results in autism recovery to help you do away with all the confusion, all the overwhelm, and all the wasted time and expense of trying to figure things out on your own.

What makes this program different from the rest?

There are a lot of programs out there for autism. The difference with the Naturally Recovering Autism membership is that it is A-Z. It is much more than diet because although diet is very important, it’s never enough to get optimum results. We’ll work with all 4 stages of autism recovery (hopefully you saw my presentation here at Autism One on May 20th). Having the proprietary organic herbal formulas are a game changer because the co-infections of mold, lyme, PANS/strep and parasites are often not dealt with correctly or not at all. This membership also offers you support to get your questions answered along the way. This is very important. You'll also learn how to know if the next supplement in the sequence (step by step in order) is right for your child and how to know what dosage he or she needs. Please be willing to give it a fair try. I'd love to help you get your child better. It’s based on my 14 years of research and personal experience recovering my own son from his symptoms of autism. Ask yourself, what's the alternative? This program has an exceptionally high success rate, and although I cannot make any promises, I know that if you follow the steps and do all of the work you will make progress...but the only way you'll know is if you try.

Who is this for? What if I’ve already been doing the diet and had my child on some supplements. Will there be anything new for me here?

This program is for both the parents of a newly diagnosed child and for those who have been on this journey for a long time, even years, but you haven’t gotten the results you’d hoped for. Many times important pieces get missed in other programs, but this one is thorough. We will get you started where you need to begin from now, so nothing crucial gets left out and you get the best results that are possible for your child.

How much time does it take to do this?

You can do this in just about 10 minutes a couple of mornings or evenings a week, whichever suits your schedule, since you have 24/7 access. The videos are from 3 to 7 minutes each, so you can watch one and implement it. You don’t need to watch another one until you and your child are ready for the next step. This is meant to be done slowly and safely. There’s no hurry and no “keeping up,” so you can relax.

Do I have to buy supplements? Can I afford this?

Yes, there are supplements in the program, but you just buy them along the way as you need them over time. I’ve also weeded out the 95% of those that don’t work and we only utilize the 5% that I’ve found in my 14 years of research to be of necessary value. You don’t need to waste anymore time or finances searching or trying things that don’t work. You can’t afford NOT to!