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Safe Connect Plus® Harmony Package -pereira-

Offered by: Safe Connect Plus® EMF Solutions For the Radiation Risks of Wireless Convenience

Do Safe Connect Plus+® Products Provide Benefits of Grounding?

Yes, our proprietary formula includes the natural earth’s grounding frequency, which is about 7.8 hertz. This frequency provides a constant state of grounding for your entire being. Energetically, you are not independent, running only on the energy of your own Bio-field. You are drawing on the universal life force and on the Schumann Resonance of the Earth, as well as being affected by the energy of others. So, what is Schumann's Resonance? It is a natural earth frequency of about 7.8 hertz, which corresponds to the alpha rhythm in the brain. Your emotions, your sleep patterns, your perception of time & space, how you feel about relationships, your immune responses are all linked to the magnetic field of the Earth. That is why our proprietary formula includes this vital Earth frequency for balancing and grounding.

How Do Safe Connect Plus+® Products Strengthen and Balance the Human Bio-field?

Safe Connect Plus+® technology works in conjunction with your body’s natural Bio-field to enhance and increase your sense of well being, balance, energy, vitality and relief from stress and anxiety. All Safe Connect Plus+® products are embedded and encoded with over 240+ resonating frequencies using an advanced electronic encoding system of very specific sound and light waves and Nano-crystalline technology. Our products permanently vibrate with this field of information. Safe Connect Plus+® products bring more excellent balance to your body; they aide in restoring and rebuilding your cells. They strengthen your Bio-field, thus eliminating the effects of electrical and wireless radiation in your body. Each series of frequencies contained in the atomic structure of our products represent perfectly balanced glands and organs, vitamins, minerals and trace minerals, a full spectrum of colors and sounds, and much more - to the benefit of humans and animals! It revitalizes your body and increases stamina and mental clarity.

Do Safe Connect Plus+® Products Block EMFs?

Today's discoveries reveal that blocking man-made EMFs causes wireless devices to work harder; thus emitting increased wireless and electrical radiation (EMRs), causing more harm to the Human Bio-field. Using a subtle energy field of a specific and deliberate formulation of over 240+ resonating frequencies of health and wellness, our products create a field of information that transforms these EMFs into a harmonious and balanced field which then becomes beneficial to you, allowing you to receive greater balance and energy at a cellular level!

Do Safe Connect Plus+® Products Absord Wireless and Electrial Radiation?

Safe Connect Plus+® products do not absorb wireless and electrical radiation, but instead, they transform it by reformatting the damaging, chaotic fields of energy into a field of energy that provides beneficial support for our entire being; mind, body and emotions. Our proprietary blend of resonating frequencies enhance overall health and well being by resonating support and balance for glands, organs, circulation, skeletal and muscular functions, and emotions, just to mention a few!