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Non Dairy Bravo Kit Culture Starter and Dietary Supplement Kit for homemade preparation of a highly fermented drink with the taste that you love -ruggiero-

Offered by: Silver Spring Sagl - We manufacture our highly fermented products in Switzerland using more than 300 different microorganisms to give you unique products.

Why are Bravo products different from any other probiotic?

Bravo products are not merely probiotics. All our Bravo products are highly fermented products obtained by the action of more than 300 different probiotic microorganisms. In our Swiss facility, several selected ingredients, specific prebiotics, custom-made probiotics, and unique fermenting microorganisms are properly mixed and left fermenting for a long time until ready to be put in a capsule.

Are Bravo products vegetarian?

Yes, all our products are vegetarian. Two of them (Non-Dairy Bravo Kit and Bravo Edestiny are vegan).

Are Bravo products dairy free?

Yes, we have two dairy-free products: - Non-Dairy Bravo Kit for the home preparation of fermented drinks (you can ferment water, any type of fruit juice and vegetable juice as well as any type of vegetable milk) - Bravo Edestiny capsules, a highly fermented hemp seed protein product containing the same core of microbes of all our Bravo products.

Do all Bravo products contain Streptococci?

No, they don’t. We have two products that do not contain any added Streptococcus: Non Dairy Bravo Kit and Bravo Edestiny capsules. The other two products (Bravo Kit for Milk and Freeze-Dried Bravo capsules) contain Streptococcus thermophilus that is necessary to properly ferment milk and bovine colostrum.

Are the DIY Bravo Kits for the homemade preparation easy to use?

Yes, Bravo Kit for Milk and Non-Dairy Bravo Kit are designed to be very easy to use. You only need to choose what you wish to ferment (animal milk, vegetable milk, fruit juice, vegetable juice, even water); then, you simply add the powders provided in the kit, mix with the liquid of your choice, and leave standing for 24 hours (no tools and no action required). You will have your first quart of highly fermented drink that will last up to 10 days.