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Offered by: Mensah Medical. We provide scientifically proven, highly effective, all-natural, non-pharmaceutical treatments that address the root causes of Autism and several other mental, behavioral, and neurological disorders.

How and where do I get my lab testing done? And where do I get my vitamins and supplements?

Mensah Medical partners with DHA Laboratory to do all biochemical testing. DHA is affliated with LabCorp, as well as several other testing facilities around the world, that can draw the appropriate labs and have the results analyzed and sent directly to Mensah Medical. As for supplements, your nutrient therapy program will come in the form of a prescription written by one of the Mensah Medical physicians. You can take the prescription to a compounding pharmacy where they can make customized nutrient dosages for you, you can allow us to send your prescription to one of the mail order compounding pharmacies that we work with regularly, or you can purchase each vitamin and supplement on your prescription individually at most health food stores. Many of the supplements found most commonly in Mensah Medical's nutrient therapy programs are available for sale in treatment dosages on the Mensah Medical website at

How long will it take to see results, and how long will I need to be treated?

How quickly you see results really depends on the the biochemical imbalances that need to be treated. Some imbalances respond very quickly, with in just a couple of weeks of beginning nutrient therapy, while others can take several months before differences are truly noticeable. As for length of treatment, your genetic makeup is the likely cause of your imbalances, and so you might very well need to maintain some level of nutrient supplementation for several years, if not indefinitely. Once we have you well on the path to balance, we like to see you once a year just to check in and make sure that you are still doing well and that your nutrient program is keeping up with any changes in your biochemistry.

How effective is your treatment?

We tend to see about 85% success rates across all the conditions that we treat. We measure success as patients showing significant improvement in overcoming the symptoms that originally brought them to us, and many patients see complete elimination of all symptoms. We should point out, however, that success is very much dependent upon adherence to the prescribed nutrient therapy program. Many of those patients who are not successful admit to not being persistent in taking their nutrients consistently.

What conditions are treated at Mensah Medical other than Autism?

At Mensah Medical, we strive to heal the brain! Disorders that are classified as "mental health" concerns or "cognitive dysfunction" issues tend to become much more manageable (or are eliminated altogether) when the brain is working at its best. We have an extensive, and very successful, history of treating Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, OCD, ADD/ADHD, Behavioral Disorders, Eating Disorders, and much more. Also, because we are working to heal the brain, we also have great success in helping patient address many neurological concerns that include Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, and through our collaboration with Zing Performance we also are now treating Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Visual and Auditory Tracking Disorders, and much more.

Do you take insurance?

Mensah Medical does not accept insurance. Because our natural treatments are still considered "alternative" medicine, despite the years of scientific research that supports the effectiveness and validity of our methods, some insurance carriers do not cover all or portions of our services. We will provide an itemized invoice with specific treatment codes, and we encourage patients to submit those invoices to their insurance carriers for reimbursement, but we cannot guarantee that reimbursement will always be offered by the insurance carriers.