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Offered by: Relax Sauna. Relax Saunas are the only portable sauna with medical-grade technology.

Can I use the Relax Table Lamp if I have a metal implant?

Metal reflects and does not absorb far-infrared so most implants are not affected by infrared. Consult with your health professional if you are unsure or experience

​Can you ship internationally to my country?

The international shipping cost is $225. We will send a model with a compatible electric plug for your country. We ship to most countries, with the exceptions of Hong Kong and Singapore. (There are other exclusive sellers in those regions.) Customs and Duty charges: Shipments to addresses outside the continental U.S. may have additional customs and duties charges. Customer is responsible for taxes, customs and duties.

​How long does shipping take?

We ship using FedEx Ground and FedEx International Economy. For domestic shipments within the US, shipping time is 2-3 business days. For international shipments, 5-7 business days on average.