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45-60 minute BodyCode Session for 60 percent off -watts-

Includes virtual assessment and energy medicine session to determine specific imbalances in the body. Stop guessing and start healing! Offered by: doTerra- I help family's use cutting edge solutions that work for common health concerns so they can feel empowered in their own homes. I help practitioners implement seamless programs that create subscription based income so they can share their genius more freely with the world and impact the world.

Are doTERRA oils really better than cheaper brands? Don't they all come from the same place?

doTERRA oils are 96% exclusive. Oils do not come from the same farmers when you are purchasing a doTERRA oil. Oils could come from the same region sometimes, but farmers have very di

If I have questions about what kit or what products to order, can I get help?

Yes! feel free to email me at [email protected] or call or text me at 208-870-3373. and I can help you with your first order.

Can I customize my order instead of buying a pre packaged kit?

Yes, there is a $35 dollar enrollment fee if you want to customize your kit! You will still get $50 in free oils from Melody for purchasing over $100 in product at the AutismOne online event. along with all the other perks. Just go to and click 'become a member' to get your wholesale login, and create a customized kit.

Will someone help me learn how to use the oils for my family?

Yes you will get a consultation initially when you get your starter kit and unlimited email, text and messaging and free consultations every 30, 90, 180 and 365 days for a check in with your expert.

If I get a membership, is there a monthly fee?

NO. A monthly subscription is OPTIONAL. with a membership you can login anytime during the year and get 25% off. Those who choose to do a subscription of products will get an additional 10%-30% off products and free shipping, cancel anytime, NO monthly fees, only discounts. Enjoy a free product of the month on orders over 125 product points. Oils, body care, supplements all available through subscription at below wholesale pricing