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30sec or 60sec Promo Video for Your Booth

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Is the video just a generic video template?

NO WAY! You'll provide us with images and/or video clips of your brand, product, service, or offer and we'll construct a :60sec PROMO VIDEO designed to highlight the offer you're extending to attendees of the AutismOne Virtual Summit.

Can I Use This Video On Other Sites?

Absolutely! Once we produce your video, we'll upload it to your AutismOne Virtual Exhibit Booth and if you'd like a copy of it, simply email us and we'll get it right over to you to use anywhere else you'd like.

Do I Own The Rights Of The Video

Yes! You will own the exclusive rights to the :60sec PROMO VIDEO we produce for you. The only thing is there will be a small produced by byline at the very end of the video.

Once I Order, What Do I Do Next?

It's easy, once we receive your order, someone from our video production team will reach out to you by email with instructions on what items they'll need (ie: images, photos, video clips, etc) along with details about your offer on your AutismOne Virtual Exhibit Booth Page and then they'll get to work. Easy-peasy!