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Zing Primer - Accelerate Brain Skill Progression -dore-

Offered by: Zing Performance. Discover an important piece of the puzzle - the root cause of your child's symptoms



Time-consuming protocols and one-size-fits-all programs… they don’t work. Endless hours of commitment do not yield lasting results.We offer a revolutionary in-home program designed to increase brain neuroplasticity, using concepts proven successful through countless workings with children and adults.

Because we understand every brain develops at a different pace, your sessions areadjusted regularly using Artificial Intelligence, optimizing the speed of development of automatic skills and processes, i.e. cognitive capacity, emotional control, and memory. Additionally, when used in conjunction with other nterventions such as ABA, OT, SpeechTherapy, or Chiropractic Treatments, the Zing Primer can greatly improve the benefits of those therapies, with measurable results, because it readies the brain for learning.

What’s Included

• Thirteen weeks of personalized, daily cerebellar stimulation exercises
• An initial assessment / onboarding with an assigned coach
• Online Insight assessment or manual benchmarking assessment (based on initial assessment/on-boarding)
• Monthly (3) online, progress-tracking assessments
• Personal online sessions with your own coach throughout the program, plus video support (as needed)
• Bi-weekly group coaching session with Wynford – Q&A (optional)
• Private Facebook Group - “AutismOne Zing Warrior Parents Group”


Benefits of Zing 


Our unique approach revolves around the wide range of symptoms experienced by Autism. Most are caused by incomplete development of crucial skills and processes. This is the focus of our programs and we’ve become world leaders in developing these skills. Achieve lasting change – the process of achieving lasting change takes place when the brain’s skill coordination center is activated with the proper stimulation at the proper time, provided through the Zing Primer program.

Affordable – you’ll receive regular support with a personal Zing coach for the duration of the program. Weekly for the firrst 2 weeks; then bi-weekly or as required. Not a life-long protocol – once the Zing Primer is completed, your coach will help determine the optimal next steps. For some, a continuation may be recommended; for others, a transition to the Zing Performance Program may be suggested.

Easy compliance – You have enough stress and worry in your life. We make following the process easy, no daily or weekly clinic visits No travel time as the Zing Primer sessions are carried out in your own home with exercises delivered through your PC or smart-phone app.


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The Zing Primer… a 13-week, home-based program, designed to increase brain neuroplasticity and further develop hard-wired skills. We begin with a symptom-based questionnaire that allows us to customize the Zing Primer to your child’s level of needs. He/she will participate in daily guided vestibular exercises, properly stimulating the correct part of the brain in the correct way, with just 10 minutes twice daily.