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Safe Connect Plus® Harmony Package -pereira-

Offered by: Safe Connect Plus® EMF Solutions For the Radiation Risks of Wireless Convenience



This is an exclusive price offered only to AutismOne attendees. 4 Mega Technology Shields for the price of 3 Plus FREE Shipping! Offer includes 2 Silver on White and 2 Silver on Black.

These shields can be used on: Smart Phone, iPad, Laptop, Desktop, Tablets, Router, Microwave, Wireless and Electrical Devices.




BENEFITS of Safe Connect Plus+®


Safe Connect Plus+® Technology and Products work by creating a subtle energy field. This field carries vital information on health and wellness to impact positively and harmonize not only the Human Biofield but also any damaging and chaotic exposed fields of energy as a result of man-made electromagnetic fields.


This subtle proprietary field of energy which we formulate using over 240+ resonating frequencies that help bring the human body into a more balanced state of homeostasis on a cellular level. This formula of resonating frequencies is embedded and encoded into each Safe Connect Plus+® product through an advanced electronic encoding system using very specifc sound and light waves and nano-crystalline technology. Our products permanently vibrate with this field of information.


They harmonize and reformat all harmful, chaotic wireless and electrical ofenders into fields of energy that become benefcial to you and your pets; balancing and strengthening your body, mind, and emotions.


Safe Connect Plus+® products are effective because of our unique proprietary formula of over 240+ resonating frequencies. This proprietary formula is encoded and embedded into each of our products using sound and light technology. These products have been tested and are created to rebuild and re-strengthen the cells and the human biofeld in order to defend the body against all Electrical and Wireless Offenders.

Dimensions: Approximate size: 1 1/2 inches in diameter




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Our unique proprietary formula is based on over a decade of research and testing in the field of Subtle Energy and Quantum Physics. We are continuing to provide cutting edge EMF solutions while remaining cost-effctive.