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Non Dairy Bravo Kit Culture Starter and Dietary Supplement Kit for homemade preparation of a highly fermented drink with the taste that you love -ruggiero-

Offered by: Silver Spring Sagl - We manufacture our highly fermented products in Switzerland using more than 300 different microorganisms to give you unique products.



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Benefits of Bravo products


Bravo products are made in Europe and in USA by FDA registered companies and they exclusively contain ingredients from certified European and US sources that guarantee the highest quality and safety.


Bravo products are dietary supplements based on a unique combination of natural and organic ingredients, fermenting microorganisms, probiotic strains, and prebiotics according to original proprietary formulas exclusively developed by and manufactured for our Swiss company.


All Bravo products are highly fermented food/dietary supplements.


You can make your own fermented drink at home using our Bravo Do It Yourself Kits (Bravo Kit for Milk if you wish to have a yogurt-like drink and Non-Dairy Bravo Kit if you wish to have a non-dairy drink) or you can enjoy the ready-to-use products (Freeze Dried Bravo capsules and Bravo Edestiny capsules). 





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Our Bravo products are designed and developed by Dr. Marco Ruggiero, M.D., PhD.,  Dr. Ruggiero is supported by an international scientific team composed by experts in the field of microbiology, cellular and molecular biology, basic science and medicine. Dr. Ruggiero’s team regularly attends scientific meetings, conferences and courses to be always knowledgeable and updated on new discoveries in the field of human health and science.