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Offered by: HealthandMed. We provide the IonizeMe Maxx Ionic Detox System, proven in research to reduce autism symptoms by 54%




This is an exclusive price offered only to AutismOne attendees. Chelate Mate is especially beneficial for meeting the nutritional requirements of childrenwith special needs. Every one in the IonizeMe Maxx Autism study was required to use these essentialminerals because the process of detoxifying the body can also deplete the body of minerals. it provides optimal absorption of essential minerals into the cells with no digestion required. It hides very well in fruit juices or water with a drop of stevia. Ideal for ionic detox or chelation support or for every day mineral supplementation


BENEFITS of Health and Med


You will be surprised what happens when you help the body rid itself of toxins! In a new study of 20 persons, age 3 to 21, undergoing treatments using the IonizeMe Maxx. Ionic Detox Foot Bath System, autism symptoms (as measured by ATEC), were reduced as follows:

* 54% median reduction in all autism symptoms
* 62% median reduction in health & physical autism symptoms
* 50% median reduction in sensory & cognitive awareness autism symptoms
* 47% median reduction in sociability autism symptoms
* 29% median reduction in speech & language autism symptoms
* Results were very similar for persons with PANS/PANDAS plus autism as for persons with just autism




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IonizeMe Maxx is the Most Powerful Ionic Detox System on the market, with an 18 Volt Output which means Maximum Ionization. Made in the USA with Full 5 Year Warranty, personalized Phone Consultation With Ionic Detox Expert Dr. Cooper Included Water-Safe - UL Certified GFCI Power Supply