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60-minute Private Video Consultation -mcnamara-

Offered by: Gateway Chiropractic. I am a mom and chiropractor on a mission to help children and their families achieve their optimal life potential.



We'll dive in and discuss a multi-faceted approach to optimizing the innate intelligence ofthe body and creating greater health - one step at a time. We will gather a detailed historyprior to our consultation and discuss detailed, specific action steps to help you or yourloved one on their path to health and healing - using a true holistic approach - addressing the structure of the body, neurology, nutrition, and other healing modalities. Personalized advice, support, and connection - no matter where you are located! I'm excited to meet and serve you and your family!


BENEFITS of Gateway Chriropractic


We believe that Health and Healing is your natural state of being. It is our job, and mission, to help you to discover that for yourself and your family. We look at each person and family as a WHOLE - and strive to keep everyone fully connected - mind, body, and spirit - and to each other. With a true holistic philosophy, we can ask different questions, yielding new answers, and more opportunities for healing. We merge nutritional support, hands-on care (like chiropractic adjustments and neurologic exercises), emotional and mental wellbeing, acupressure, and other healing modalities - to craft a unique and supportive program for each child and their family as they journey towards optimal health and their full potential.


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Dr. Mackenzie McNamara is a holistic mom to two girls and owner of Gateways Chiropractic, a holistic center focused on pediatric and perinatal care. Dr. Mackenzie is a passionate speaker and chiropractor and she has lectured nationally on
chiropractic pediatrics, women’s health, and nutrition, and has been featured in People magazine online for her work in pediatrics.