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Offered by: Mensah Medical. We provide scientifically proven, highly effective, all-natural, non-pharmaceutical treatments that address the root causes of Autism and several other mental, behavioral, and neurological disorders.



New patients to Mensah Medical get:

- Establishment of a customized online patient portal to track progress and easily communicate with doctors, nurses, and other office personnel
- A comprehensive health history interview with a Mensah medical nurse that will greatly help in identifying potential imbalances and conditions
- A 45-60 minute visit* with a Mensah Medical physician who will evaluate and offer preliminary diagnosis for patient, recommend appropriate lab testing (testing not included in price) and explain suspected biochemical imbalances
- A customized nutrient therapy program, written by Mensah Medical physicians to target the specific imbalances indicated by lab testing
- A telephone consultation with a Mensah Medical nurse who will provide a detailed explanation of the lab test findings, the prescribed nutrient therapy program, and instructions for beginning and following that program
- A 15-minute follow-up telephone consultation with a Mensah Medical physician approximately 3 months after initial visit to monitor progress

- 6 months of open (via email, phone, or patient portal) access to Mensah Medical personnel to answer questions and provide support as patients navigate the early stages of their nutrient therapy program

* All visits currently being conducted via telephone during COVID-19 shelter in place directives. As personal contact restrictions are lifted, patients will be able to choose between in-person visits at our Warrenville, IL main clinic or at one of our Outreach Clinic locations, or starting their patient relationship with Mensah Medical via telephone.


Benefits of Mensah Medical


Mensah Medical is an internationally renowned clinic that specializes in the treatment of biochemical imbalances, and the cognitive (and physical) disorders caused by those imbalances. Founded in 2008, Mensah Medical treats thousands of patients each year using targeted nutrient therapy, an all-natural, non-pharmaceutical approach to addressing the imbalances that lead to mental and psychological conditions such as Autism, ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Behavioral Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Eating Disorders, Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Addiction, and several others. Many of the treatment
protocols utilized at Mensah Medical are based on decades of research conducted by mental health treatment pioneers such as Dr. Carl Pfeiffer and Dr. William Walsh.


MensahMedical puts these protocols into medical practice, further validating the effectiveness of nutrient therapy and identifying new and improved applications for natural, biochemical balance treatment protocols. Mensah Medical founders Dr. Albert Mensah and Dr. Judith Bowman have treated tens of thousands of patients, including their time working directly with Dr. William Walsh as the staff physicians at the original Pfeiffer Treatment Center. Over 85% of patients that seek treatment at Mensah Medical, across all of the mental/ psychological/cognitive conditions that we treat, show significant improvement if not
complete elimination of symptoms.

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Recognizing the importance of targeted research that explores the power of nutrient therapy in treating all mental and physical illness, Drs. Mensah and Bowman co-founded the Mensah Research Institute (MRI), an affiate organization of Mensah Medical, in 2015. MRI areas of focus include the use of nutrient therapy in the treatment of Breast Cancer and other cancers, as well as more concentrated study on Autism and Schizophrenia.

MRI also serves as a conduit for building collaborations and partnerships, and our combined efforts with partners/researchers from around the world have already led to significant advances, including improved treatments for neurological disorders and protocols for improving comprehensive health. This includes partnering with fellow AutismOne sponsor and presenter Zing Performance for collaborative treatments to address several neurological conditions.