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Offered by: Relax Sauna. Relax Saunas are the only portable sauna with medical-grade technology.



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Our Relax 200 Watt Far Infrared Table Lamp is an effective energy medicine tool.


• It uses the same temperature controlled semiconductors found in the Relax Sauna.
• It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use.

The Relax Table Lamp is a high wattage, low temperature, pure far-infrared emitter that will not burn your skin even when targeted at specific areas for a long time. The farinfrared energy is absorbed into the body and resonates with your cells. It is designed for use on your hands, shoulders, head and neck area, torso, or your legs. anywhere where there is pain or inflammation. The Relax Table Lamp is light and allows direct focal concentration. The energy deeply penetrates your body tissue, increasing micro circulation in the targeted area, providing a boost of energy, and facilitating your bodies' inherent ability to heal itself.

Use it for:
• sore muscles • neck pain • shoulder pain • back pain • knee pain and ankle sprains Get relief for your:
• bronchial and asthma difficulties • indigestion • stomach aches • menstrual cramps

Many people use the Relax Table Lamp at the first sign of a cold. The lamp is perfect for your head area with:

• nasal congestion • sore throats • ear-aches • tooth pain • eye-strain and headaches


Benefits of Relax Sauna


The far-infrared radiators in the Relax Sauna are made with 40 patented semi-conductors that generate energy which is constrained to a narrow range of the far-infrared spectrum, with frequencies having wavelengths between 4~14um. This energy deeply penetrates our body tissue. These far-infrared rays vibrate and resonate with water molecules in living
biomass, optimize cellular activity, and restore normal body processes that release toxins, and promote normal body health. 



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The Relax Sauna Radiator is recognized as a medical device by the FDA. The 510(k) number on file is K053376, ID=K053376, Which verifies the emission spectrum of the radiator range is between 4 to 14 microns, and that there are specific intended uses that have been verified by the FDA. We are not aware of any other portable far-infrared sauna that has this documentation and we are pleased to
present to you very high quality and effective saunas and other devices for your health.