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45-60 minute BodyCode Session for 60 percent off -watts-

Includes virtual assessment and energy medicine session to determine specific imbalances in the body. Stop guessing and start healing! Offered by: doTerra- I help family's use cutting edge solutions that work for common health concerns so they can feel empowered in their own homes. I help practitioners implement seamless programs that create subscription based income so they can share their genius more freely with the world and impact the world.



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BENEFITS of doTerra


As I help families with essential oil protocols I am uniquely qualified as a lyme disease survivor, and having a child with neurological symptoms that I have been able to help express their health at optimal levels with exceptional results, balance, athleticism, intellectual and emotional intelligence using plant based options with neurological protective oils. My experience has given me an advanced approach to protocols that get results quickly. With expertise biochemistry and essential oils, I get fast results with complex health concerns.

I have a history of a vast amount of experience with 1000's of clients and families. Using my background in energy medicine and alternative medicine with 10 years clinical experience working with patients I am also uniquely positioned to help practitioners implement seamless systems with little to no knowledge in essential oils to benefit their patients without having to be the expert themselves.

We have 100's of resources that will are available for their patients as added value including research, protocols and weekly live training and Q and A and cutting edge technology. Many practitioners have created up to 6 figures implementing our subscription based products with a 65% retention rate.


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We offer master classes on both essential oils and business strategy. We offer personal health strategy sessions for customers and business consulting for free for our members. Support groups, unlimited email, text and messaging.